Published June 30, 2023

We've had an amazing first half of 2023 with new product releases, press coverage, influencer partnerships, and more; so if you want an inside look at what FILORGA has been up to recently then read on!


Are you looking to upgrade your skincare routine and take it to the next level? Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or just getting started, we've got something for everyone. Discover our most-loved skincare products to date!

Filorga's NCEF-Shot 10 day treatment visibly improves signs of aging in 10 days

- NCEF-SHOTOur 10-day facial treatment visibly improves the signs of aging, correcting wrinkles and restoring firmness and radiance to the skin

- OPTIM-EYES: Our best-selling eye cream effectively reduces signs of tiredness and fatigue like dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines for a fresher look

- TIME-FILLER EYES 5-XP: Our anti-wrinkle eye cream not only fights all types of wrinkles in the eye area, but also lifts the eyelids, combats dark circles, and enhances the lashes


Are you on the lookout for the latest and greatest in skincare? Then look no further! This year. We introduced some amazing new products that everyone is talking about, from nourishing moisturizers to hydrating serums. Discover the new product releases that made waves in the skincare world this year!

Filorga's Hydra-Hyal serum with pure hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps the skin

- HYDRA-HYAL CREAM & SERUM: These two moisturizing products incorporate the power of five pure hyaluronic acids, for hydration on all levels, designed to intensely replenish the skin

- GLOBAL-REPAIR BALM: Our new anti-wrinkle face cream restores suppleness and vitality to dry to very dry skin

- AGE-PURIFY COLLECTION: Our dual-action skincare collection developed with aesthetic doctors and dermatologists, AGE-PURIFY is designed to reduce blemishes, spots, blackheads, and redness, while also combating the signs of aging


Once known as a “French beauty secret," FILORGA has become increasingly popular with the help of its countless celebrity fans as well as high profile reviews from trusted publications. Here are some of the celebrities and publications who have spoken publicly about their love for FILORGA in 2023. 

Catherine Lowe shares her love of Filorga's Time-Filler Eyes 5-XP

- Busy mom and The Bachelor alum Catherine (Guidici) Lowe took to her Instagram account to share her love for TIME-FILLER EYES 5-XP. “I recently started incorporating this eye cream into my skincare routine and I'm happy to share that it's made a difference! The skin around my eyes looks younger and brighter.”

- Bravo’s Kyle Richards also revealed her love for TIME-FILLER EYES 5-XP during an Amazon live video!  

- Another fan of TIME-FILLER EYES 5-XP? Bravo’s Scheana Shay shared her love for the brand on her Instagram account!

- In an interview this year, Bravo’s Mary Fitzgerald credited her amazing skin to “wrinkle control products from Filorga”

Us Weekly spotlighted our bestselling OPTIM-EYES and InStyle featured our bestselling NCEF-SHOT!


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